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Tailoring of corporate clothes
  • Tailoring of corporate clothes

Tailoring of corporate clothes

Overalls and special footwear integral making production. Safety of workers in various operating conditions depends on their quality. Quality of overalls has to conform to domestic and foreign standards, excluding even the slightest probability of release of low-quality production.

The Eudacos Service SRL company has a wealth of experience in tailoring of various working clothes and footwear. You can order tailoring of overalls from us or buy ready-to-wear clothes, and also special footwear.

Categories of our overalls and special footwear:

· promo-clothes

· medical clothes

· corporate clothes

· The footwear is specialized

· the overalls warmed

· working suits

· the overalls are moisture resistant

· overalls for protection against low temperatures

· overalls for protection against industrial pollution

· jackets wadded workers,

· working overalls

· Suits protective (protective, working, military, protective from sparks and radiations, protective for welders, a special purpose, vests protective, jacket raincoats protective, a raincoat raincoat, windbreakers)

· Medical clothes and footwear (clothes medical, scrubs, overalls medical, clothes for cosmetologists, footwear for hospital attendants and nurses, aprons medical, clothes of the surgeon)

· Clothes for services industry and trade (overalls for supermarkets, overalls for sellers, sets for waiters, clothes for bartenders, aprons for sellers, a uniform for stewardesses, aprons for waiters, a uniform for waiters)

· Dressing gowns workers (Dressing gowns for cleaners, dressing gowns protective, dressing gowns gabardine)

· Advertizing, promo clothes (clothes corporate, uniform, clothes for promo actions, promo-clothes, promo-t-shirts, beysolka advertizing, clothes with a logo)

· Cook clothes (caps cook, jackets cook, trousers cook, aprons cook)

· Clothes for firemen (clothes protective for firefighters, fireproof clothes)

· Clothes for miners and miners (suits miner's, protective for miners and miners)

Boots (boots working, gumboots of general purpose, boots kersey)

· Means of protection of hands (mitten working, knitted, gloves working, gloves dielectric, protective, gaiters spilkovy, gloves dielectric acid and alkali resistant, rubber)

· Eye protections and persons (the goggles closed guards protective, masks, masks welding, eye protections and persons, open goggles, points kozyrkovy)

· Means of protection of respiratory bodies (respirators, means of individual protection of the person, mask protective)

· Head means of protection (earphones antinoise, cap comforters)

· Means of protection from noise

Our advantages:

· High quality of clothes and footwear at the most reasonable prices.

· An individual approach to each client

We will be glad to cooperation with you!

Information is up-to-date: 10.08.2022

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